Sunday, January 30, 2011

Puppet Factory

My sewing room turned into a puppet factory this afternoon while we made puppets for a school project. I might have made my own pattern, but I found it already done for me at this website: I needed to modify the hair just a bit, and then I made clothes for them.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adobe Illustrator Self-Portrait

I tend to shy away from drawing people, because it is so hard to get a good likeness. I guess that means I should draw them more, so I can get practice. But then, often enough, there is a challenge or an assignment that requires a portrait.

I am taking an Adobe Illustrator class at the local community college from the same instructor I took Photoshop from a couple of years ago. The first assignment is a self-portrait. The portrait is supposed to say something about our self, which is why there is “quilting” added in the background.

The expression isn’t quite right. I look happier in the photo I was drawing from. Otherwise, I am happy with how it turned out.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spirit Week

I’ve tried freezer paper as a stencil for painting today. Spirit Week is next week at Camilla’s school. I drew the stylized version of the school mascot onto freezer paper, cut it out, and ironed it over the side seam of an old pair of jeans.

Some white acrylic paint, and now she has a custom pair of pants for spirit week.

I tried this technique once before, and had trouble with the freezer paper coming up while I was painting, so did a test before I got out the paint this time. It worked just the way it was supposed to. Perhaps the difference was in the paint. I had used Setacolors last time which are a bit thinner than the artists acrylic I used today. Also, I was careful when moving the brush across the paper.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Arrowhead Marsh III In Progress

I put all of the names from the last two posts into a hat, and pulled out two. They will be going to Teri Stegmiller and Doreen Kinkaid. They will go out in the mail this week. I have enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and visiting your blogs.

Since Arrowhead Marsh II will be travelling for a couple of years, I decided to make a second quilt based on the same photo.

This quilt has more texture in the water than the last Marsh quilt. I ran out of the fabric used for the water in the first, and couldn’t find anything similar at the store. I ended up buying a couple fabrics I probably didn’t need. I used a new peach colored floral, and combined with some similar colored fabrics I had on hand for the water. I also used a new fabric for the mudflats. Otherwise, the fabrics are the same as I used for the last Marsh quilt.

Friday, January 7, 2011

"This is a Quilt!"

“Arrowhead Marsh II” is destined for the SAQA trunk show titled “This is a Quilt!” It will be traveling to various SAQA events through 2012.

I have given away four of the bookmarks as gifts. These two are left. Leave a comment on this post or the last one to be entered in the drawing in a week or so.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bookmark Giveaway

Arrowhead Marsh II wasn’t coming along as anticipated. I hadn’t considered enough how the paint colors would blend. So I didn’t hesitate to cut the quilt into bookmarks. I embellished them with shapes cut from pre-fused scraps. I like the bookmarks much more than the quilt, and glad this was the smaller of the two quilts I at this later stage.

I have recipients planned for four of the bookmarks, and will have two left over. I will draw two random winners in two weeks. Leave a comment in the comment section if you would like to be in the drawing.
I'm making a second try at the same quilt. I’m learning what not to do, and what works well. I’ve made more conscious decisions with the initial fabric choices this time.