Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Succulent VI

12 x 12
This is my piece for the One Foot Square SAQA Benefit Auction. I started with a piece of hand dyed fabric with blended turquoise, green and yellow.

I really should get some more photos to base my succulents on. I keep reusing the same favorites and doing them in different colors. Then again, why not repeat a good thing until I tire of it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Neutral Challenge

"Succulent V"
11 x 9

My fabric has been luring me to get back to some creative quilting. This month’s Fast Friday challenge was to work with neutral colors. I wondered if I could do succulents in neutral colors without them looking dead. Cynthia did a wonderful landscape in blue tinted grays which made it look like it was drenched in moonlight, so I thought maybe a blue tinted gray would work for me as well.

This piece started with a bluish gray which now seems nearly achromatic. I added a bit of yellow to the final painted highlights to add a bit of warmth to it. I prefer the brightly colored succulents.

I will post the piece I am making for the SAQA auction tomorrow.