Friday, December 31, 2010

More Arrowhead Quilts

Two more quilts are in progress inspired by this photo from the trail at Arrowhead Marsh.

These are less about the marsh grasses, and more about light on the water.

This small square is quilted and ready for painting. It is intended for a travelling SAQA exhibit.

A larger piece inspired by the same photo is also in progress.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Painting the Marsh

“Arrowhead Marsh” is completed. It’s always a bit of a surprise for me to see how a quilt changes after I paint it. I was expecting to put more orange in this one, but I let the orange stay near the bottom, and added more green. I like the gradated area that resulted. When it was nearly completed, I added some blue into the bottom section to relate it more to the top section.

This quilt will be in the CQFA show
"Primal Green: Environmental Art Quilts"
Opening March 2011 at San Francisco Public Library
Reception April 17 , 2011

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Piecing a Background

When I first began painted on my quilted pieces, I was inspired by the work of Deidre Adams. Her work has wonderful variations of color and texture which is achieved with paint on top of quilted cloth. I was able to see some of Deidre’s work in person last month at SAQA’s 12 Voices exhibit. For some reason, I had thought she started with all white fabric and layered on different colors of paint. But in fact, she starts with a very colorful assortment of fabric which contributes to the subtle color variations in the finished pieces.

I decided to try piecing some fabrics together to create a rather abstracted version of one of the photos I took last month. It will look very different when I am done painting over the quilted fabric in mostly oranges and yellows.