Saturday, April 26, 2014

Anthropomorphic Sketches

Yes, the backpack drawing from last week is meant to represent Minnie Pearl. I was trying to think of a celebrity who had a recognizable personality beyond a character they portrayed. It seems Minnie Pearl was nearly always in character. If you know anything about her, I suppose the price tag was a huge clue.

This week we drew sketched Anthropomorphic objects. It was fun to look at objects and figure out what kind of human characterics I could give them. As soon as I sketched a foot on the heel of a pump, the top of the heel resembled a hip. I call this a “barefoot” shoe, since the shoe isn’t wearing a shoe.

Putting a face on the head of hammer seemed like an obvious choice. He looks angry. Maybe because his nose gets sore when he’s working.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Some Sketches

I have been sketching this weekend for school projects. (Ignore the lines down the middle of each. All were done on very large paper which has been folded and had to be scanned in parts.)

Here is what you would see if you were me looking down at yourself sketching.

A backpack designed to show the character of a famous celebrity. Can you guess who? I’ll give an answer in my next post.

A scarf designed to represent my own personality.

And a tattoo  which is also meant to represent my personality (although I can’t ever imagine getting a tattoo). This one stumped me until I thought about taking similar elements from the scarf and wrapping it around my arm, then it came fairly easy.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Oakland Watercolor Painting

This is a new watercolor which I am using as the main image in a graphic arts assignment. I am working with it in photoshop to combine it with lettering I hand painted on a separate sheet.