Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Color Matters

I am making progress on building the Piecmakers website. I wasn't confident with the colors I had chosen to work with. So I decided to create several mockups with differing color schemes. I will then poll the Piecemaker members, and let them choose our website colors.

In my search for palette inspiration, I came across COLOURlovers which is a great website for anyone who loves working with color.

I really like their COPASO tool, which allows me to upload a photo, and then pull colors from it to create a new palette.

I have several palettes on COLORlovers now. Next week I will pick a few of the palettes and begin working on the website mockups. Which are your favorites which you think would be good colors for the website?

This week I need to finish getting my work ready for the show at San Leandro History Museum & Art Gallery. And I need to sew a pioneer dress & bonnet for my daughter to wear in the Rowell Ranch Rodeo parade this weekend on the school float.