Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Art Quilt Show & Watercolor Class

A new art quilt show has recently opened at

1061 'B' Street
12-4 Wed & Sun, 12-8 Thurs-Sat

Most of the pieces are from SAQA members. I have three pieces in the show. I was there last week. It is a nice space, and I was impressed with the quality of the work displayed. It will run until November 12th. I will be going to the reception tomorrow night, which will be from 5-7pm.

This photo is a sampling of what I have been doing in the watercolor class I’ve been taking.

I have no great masterpieces yet. Most of our paintings so far start with copying the instructor’s sketch, so we have a starting place to practice techniques. I would rather do more original work, but am happy working this way while we are still learning techniques. Having the basic composition already planned does take the pressure off of coming up with subject matter. The top left sheet with two landscapes on it are my own compositions. I am learning to plan ahead to preserve the whites, since watercolor is transparent. I think learning watercolor will make me more aware of value in other work as well.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Strange Bird

I have finally finished this piece. It just needs a sleeve, so I can hang it.

It is titled “Strange Bird”, because the yellow bird in the tree thinks the flutist looks like a very strange bird.

We finally got the remaining trim on the house painted. I just have the porch and steps left, but I am procrastinating on that. I have the paint for it, but it will wait for me until I am in a house painting mood again.