Monday, February 16, 2009

Echeveria Forest

I have finally finished this small succulent quilt that I have been working on. It is about 8" x 10". I don’t want to name it Succulent V, because it doesn’t seem to be part of the same series as the other succulents. I have given it a working title of “Echeveria Forest”, but don’t know if the name fits. Any better suggestions for names? I have satin finished the edges instead of using a facing or a binding. If I hang it, I think I will mount it behind a mat.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

This Month’s Fast Friday Getting Slowly Done

I’m getting a late start on this month’s Fast Friday quilt. I almost decided I would skip the challenge for a month. But then decided to spend just a couple of hours and make a quick fabric sketch with freehand cut fabrics, which led to hand stitching with embroidery floss. Half way through the stitching, I decided to make some changes in my fabric choices. So now, several hours into the project, I’m not halfway done. It will be getting done, but not on the schedule I had originally planned.

For this month’s challenge, we are to put some Rhythm/Movement or Tension/Energy into our piece and use an analogous color scheme. The plan is to finish hand stitching around each fabric piece, and then do free-motion machine quilting in the background. The piece is loosely based on a succulent photo I took in my garden last month. I believe these are echeveria.