Monday, August 31, 2015

Improvisation - part 2

I took a second look at the "round robin" quilt I came home with from the cqfa meeting a few weeks ago. There was a large green rectangle that was drawing too much attention in the original, so I trimmed it down into smaller pieces and redistributed them. Added some more of the blue print fabric, and continued the black as a border. Need to decide how big I want it so I can finish the piecing.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Improvisation with Friends

Saturday was spent at a meeting & workshop for Contemporary Quilt & Fiber Artists (CQFA). In the afternoon nine of us did a "round robin" inspired by a chapter in Sherri Lynn Wood's new book:

We each began by selecting fabrics from our collection to set the color scheme, and made a quick pieced block from some of the fabric. A strict fifteen or twenty minute time limit kept us from overthinking the process.

Our baskets of fabric (all except one signature fabric) and the block we worked on were rotated to another person. We then added some pieced work using the fabric given to us plus our own signature fabric.

As the quilts progressed we were encouraged to see what the quilts had to say and "add to the conversation" with our own piecework. We were given a little more time with progressing rounds as larger pieces needed to be completed. Thirty minutes for the last round and to "complete the conversation".

There were no great masterpieces, but each quilt was attractive and unique, and we all had a sense of accomplishment in a relatively short time. It will be fun to add a bit more piecing to balance the design and enlarge it to the size I want.